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VR기기들이 유선이거나 컨텐츠와 연동이 쉽지 않았는데 본 Gear VR은 그 부분을 해결했다. 특히 핸드폰을 연동하는 부분이 쉽고 간단했다. 많은 컨텐츠가 나오길 바란다. 従来のVRデバイスは、有線であるか、コンテンツとの連動が容易ではなかったが、このGear VRはその部分を解決し、 特に携帯電話を連動させる部分がシンプルで簡単となっている点が評価できる。


Samsung Gear VRの概要Gear VR is a virtual reality wearable device that is interoperable with Galaxy Note 4. The virtual reality experience begins the moment you set up the VR with the Note 4. Once you put it on your face, you can intuitively and speedily access diverse content through the touch panel located on your right side. Until now, TV viewers and movie-goers enjoyed only the screen before their eyes with little control over it. Gear VR, however, gives its users the benefit of a personalized device, allowing them to feel like they are really inside their VR video games, films and music concerts.
Samsung Gear VRの製品仕様198(W) X 116(L)X90(H)mm /270g (Without Strap)
プロデューサーKungjoo Nam, Product Manager, New Business Development Group
ディレクターYongseok Bang, Design Director, Product Design Group 2
デザイナーMansoo Kim Principal Designer, Yongseok Bang, Design Director, Product Design Group 2
Samsung Gear VRの開発・企画についてGear VR does not limit the user group. The goal was to create a device for all. For educational purposes, it lets kids explore the Cretaceous dinosaurs they know from books, or allows them to travel to other planets. Doctors, architects and soldiers can practice in virtual reality, lowering the risk of real-life situations and costs.
Samsung Gear VRのデザインについて- Securing an easy attachment and detachment between Gear VR and the Smart phone - Providing an optimal fit, regardless of face contours. - Realizing the smallest possible size and lightest weight
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことGear VR was designed as a companion device of Note 4. Thanks to its strong AP and high resolution display, Note 4 had enough capacity to serve as a platform for Gear VR. It is a combination of VR software from OCULUS and hardware capability of Samsung. Taking two years of R&D under close collaboration between the two companies, it was first introduced in December, 2014.
Samsung Gear VRはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかYou can find a myriad of holes inside the VR. This allowed the device to weigh less and release heat from the Note 4. Of course, the strength of the VR could not be compromised. Scraping down the face rubber was another effort towards weight reduction. In addition, the surface that touches the Note 4 is covered with magnesium, an idea to prevent heat buildup from the screenIn the beginning, Technical Team came up with a four-direction physical button. But touching it shook the VR, and users had to readjust the fit on their face. In particular, the button did not fit with the neat and futuristic look. I wanted to create. They worked with UI engineers so the direction of touchpad or head movement allowed users to go to the menu window.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項To search for a comfortable size regardless of gender, I collected numerous human factor data and looked into various items with similar concept including goggles, helmets and so on. By 3D scanning and conducting human factor analysis on other above items, I was able to come up with the most optimized surface area and curve.
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