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Wireless IP Desk Phone (SMT-i6000)


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전반적으로 디자인이 세련되고 요소요소의 디자인이 사용자를 세심하게 배려하고 있다는 점에서 높은 평가를 받을 수 있는 제품이다. 특히 수화기와 몸체의 각도를 사용자의 시각에서 편리하게 조절할 수 있도록 한 점이 본 디자인 제품의 가장 큰 장점으로 꼽힐 수 있다 하겠다. 아울러 최근에 스마트폰을 비롯한 휴대폰의 발전으로 인하여 사양길로 접어들고 있는 데스크폰에 새로운 기능성과 디자인적 요소를 적용함으로써 다시 한 번 데스크폰 제품의 가능성을 열어준 제품으로 평가될 수 있다. 全般的に洗練されたデザインであり、各要素のデザインで消費者にきめ細かい配慮をしているところが高く評価できる製品である。



Wireless IP Desk Phone (SMT-i6000)の概要SMT-i6000 series is a corporate IP phone designed for office environment, switching from wired and wireless. When it links with companys intra network, it offers diverse functions for work efficiency. Especially, when it connected to a personal smartphone, it can be used as a private communication tool. // With IP phone-optimized handsets, you can enjoy high quality and comfortable calls. Pressing of a button, transfers calls to a smartphone, ensuring the continuity of conversation. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is included in the IP phone, it is easier to install and ensures the mobility.
Wireless IP Desk Phone (SMT-i6000)の製品仕様Dimension : 238x206x155(mm)/Weight: 900g
プロデューサーJulee Lee Assistant Manager Product Planning Group Samsung Electronics
ディレクターTai-hyung Ju Principal Designer Samsung Electronics
デザイナーJihee Kwak Senior Designer, Soyoon Jeon Senior Designer, Moonjung Jang Assistant designer, Semi Jeong Designer, Jihoon Kong Designer Network Design Group Samsung Electronics
Wireless IP Desk Phone (SMT-i6000)の開発・企画についてWith the wide availability of smartphones, smartphones are more frequently used in an office environment than wired phones. The desk phone handsets are uncomfortable to use and perceived as analogue. In this context, we added smartphone elements for enhanced user convenience and analyzed smartphone user behavior to address areas for improvement.
Wireless IP Desk Phone (SMT-i6000)のデザインについてTo go along with the trend, SMT-i6000 series has a slim design. For the behavior of the user -angle of screen and handset, was analyzed to enhance both visibility and handset grip.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことTodays office environment has a fewer time and space restrictions due to smartphones and multi devices. Yet, the corporate IP phone has remained restrictive in configuration as it requires wired LAN. // To minimize limitation of work environment SMT-i6000 series, with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, can access the intranet anywhere inside the company and transfer work-related calls to smartphones
Wireless IP Desk Phone (SMT-i6000)はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したか[Handset] We intended to emphasize the handset, which is the most critical element of the IP phone. Our handset is convenient to use as it is separated from the main frame of the IP phone and floats for an easy grip from any direction and any angle. [Angle] SMT-i6000 provides three angles (35 degree, 50 degree, wall-mount 15 degree)and is easily adjustable depending on the needs of the users. [47 Buttons] As the IP phone has added buttons for linking with smartphones, in addition to buttons for basic functions, it less confused. Our design naturally leads to the grouping of functions. It helps users recognize functions easily and even enables the derivation of additional products (creation of line-up)
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項[Floating Handset]SMT-i6000 series allows the microphone to float, improving the handsets usability, the feel of the grip, and hygienic image. Using magnet makes the handset feels light and soft when lifted or put down. [Grouping+Line Up]SMT-i6000 series adopts a solid crossed with a surface. The crossed area is used to buttons Grouping and colored differently depending on the line-up to expand.
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