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공간 절약이 고려된 직수형 정수기로, 상중하로 분리되어 보이는 디자인으로 인하여 높이감이 상당히 줄어들었으나, 상단부의 검정색 돌출 부분의 디자인으로 인해 무게감이 위쪽으로 쏠려 상단이 무겁게 보이게 됨으로써 불안정한 느낌을 준다는 점이 지적되었다. 그러나 전체적인 디자인은 상당히 정리가 잘 되어 있으며, 협소한 공간을 규모 있게 활용해야 하는 일본 시장에서도 사용이 가능한 크기로 디자인되었다고 평가되었다. 効率的にスペースを使えるように考慮された浄水器であり、縦三つに分離されているようなデザインにより高さはかなり抑えられたが、上部の黒色の突出部のデザインのため、重さが上部にかかるように見え、不安定な印象を与える点が指摘された。


WPU-A200Cの概要Super water purifier targets the living culture in the East which utilizes space efficiently. The ultra slim width of 17cm supports efficient use of space and the product provides the highest performance of taking cool, warm and purified water continuously. The encoder type controller provides intuitive interface improving convenience.
WPU-A200Cの製品仕様170(W) x 490(D) x 370(H)mm / Net Weight 10kg
プロデューサーTongyang Magic Inc.
ディレクターDongsu Kim
デザイナーJunyoung Hong
WPU-A200Cの開発・企画についてThis product is dedicated to rental purpose. The rental period of three years is used to develop technology to solve current problems and come up with a better design. After the rental period, users can experience products improved from all perspectives.
WPU-A200CのデザインについてThe basic motif of the magic super water purifier is a small glass full of clean water on a table. Furthermore, transparent material is used for the outlet area to make a user feel clear and clean.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことRental products have advantages of low initial cost and regular management from the user perspective. However, continuous monitoring and improved product should be introduced as users are easy to replace one with other product. One of the biggest needs of the user is the convenience of taking water. Intuitive controller makes taking water convenient.
WPU-A200Cはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかMore efforts were made to visualize the feeling of drinking a clean water than to make just a beautiful design. Table made of a glossy material is located on the upper part of a water purifier and image of a clean water is put on a transparent encoder.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項We thought that what kind of emotions can be involved when users use the equipment. The characteristics of super water purifier is tank-less and taking cool and warm water continuously. The motif of a glass of clean water on a glass table is used to represent the design emphasizing the hygiene and convenience.
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