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JI YUAN GUO Jiji Mountain Banana Fruit Snackの概要The Huang family from Jiji, Nantou in central Taiwan, has grown mountain bananas since 1940 when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Japanese royalty savored Jiji mountain bananas which were exported to Japan from the early 1900s to the present day. Despite producing a premium product, the Jiji banana industry was almost destroyed by 2 events: the 1999 Jiji Earthquake and climate change. The Huang family wished to help rebuild Jiji by processing bananas. Excess bananas were used to make snacks. A design team from Asia University was hired to develop a package design for the banana products.
JI YUAN GUO Jiji Mountain Banana Fruit Snackの製品仕様23cm x 23cm x 30cm 950g including food
プロデューサーChun-Chun Hou
ディレクターChun-Chun Hou
デザイナーLee-Wa Lin, Yan-Ting Chen, Yan-Yu Huang, Ya-Chi Chiu, Cheng-En Chang, Chun-Chun Hou
JI YUAN GUO Jiji Mountain Banana Fruit Snackの開発・企画についてMany natives of Jiji have a personal connection to Jiji Mountain similar to how many Japanese view Mount Fuji. The shape of the banana package is modeled after Jiji Mountain, which we hope can inspire Jiji locals of their past, while also telling the story of Jiji banana industry to visitors, reliving the glory of old times.
JI YUAN GUO Jiji Mountain Banana Fruit SnackのデザインについてWe created a product where the name, the shape, and the package design of the banana product all tell the background story of the Jiji mountain banana industry.
JI YUAN GUO Jiji Mountain Banana Fruit Snackはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかThe entire package consists of an external package shaped like a mountain, which also holds 4 internal packages, each of which contains a different banana snack. On the top of the external package is the symbol thousand, which represents the seal of quality of bananas exported from Jiji to Japan. The external package is opened from the top similar to how someone peels a banana from the top. The external package shows an elderly man telling his grandson the history of Jiji bananas, while each internal package depicts everyday life in Jiji as told by the grandfather. The entire package tells the cultural history of Jiji mountain bananas through the illustrations throughout the package as well as the shape (like a mountain) and usage of the package (open package like peeling a banana).
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Many consumers of high quality Jiji mountain bananas are unaware of both the rich history as well as recent hardships suffered by the Jiji banana industry. We designed a food product and package that we hope not only looks pleasing and tastes delicious, but also brings public attention to and appreciation for Jijis glorious historical past.
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