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指を感知する独自開発のOTD(one-touch dimmer、ワンタッチ調光装置)により、3チャンネルからなる照明システムの明るさを簡単に調節できる。

さらにNIは、発熱量が非常に少ない低電圧(12 V)のLEDドライバを採用することで、0.1 WのLEDを2000個以上搭載するシステムに対し、エネルギー効率に優れた電源を提供している。




NI Parasolの概要NI is an innovative combination of parasol and garden torch, which realizes the adaptability of modern furniture. Integrating a classic parasol with one-touch lighting system, NI Parasol is expected to play a pioneering role in enhancing the quality of the public environment, from morning to night. The proprietary finger-sensing OTD (one-touch dimmer) allows people to adjust the brightness of the 3-channel lighting system at ease. NI also adopts a low-voltage 12V LED driver that generates very little heat, providing an energy-efficient power supply for a system with over 2000 pcs of 0.1W LEDs.
NI Parasolの製品仕様Open: Dia 350cm x H300cm Closed: Dia 40cm x H300 cm
プロデューサーTerry Chow, e-sanitary Mfg Ltd
ディレクターTerry Chow, Foxcat Design Ltd
デザイナーTerry Chow, Foxcat Design Ltd
NI Parasolの開発・企画についてWe believe that NI contains much potential that it would become a sustainable product. The design value of NI lies in its high functionality and adaptability, as it is expected to serve not only the lifestyle-seekers, but also a range of commercial purposes.
NI Parasolのデザインについて"Things tend to be perceived as what they appear to be but in fact they are more than that. " This is why we named the creation NI, which means "neither/nor" in Spanish and French.
NI Parasolはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかWhile the development of NI is based on a traditional parasol structure, we are not sacrificing classic aesthetics for modern technology. Instead, the innovative combination of two makes it outstanding. With the all-in-one 3-channel lighting system, people can make desired lighting adjustments at ease. NI is also an environmental friendly product that with only 2424 pieces built-in LEDs, it can cover almost 6 square meter area. People no longer need to spend extra money on setting up outdoor lighting as NI is going to play the role.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Our message is simple: Interact with the things around you organically, not mechanically. Parasols are originally something for outdoor and used in the daytime. But the creation of NI suggests that furniture can get beyond the boundaries of environment.
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