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世にあるビデオ会議システムはプロダクトの存在を誇示するようなデザインが意外と多いが、このHighfive Video Conferencing Systemはシステムが自動で人を認識しビデオ会議をすぐに始める事が出来、画面の上にあっても違和感のないミニマルなフォルムと質感を持ち合わせている。


Highfive Video Conferencing Systemの概要Highfive is an all-in-one video conferencing system designed for business use. It is an aluminum device that includes a camera, a microphone array, and a computer processor. Its flexible mount allows users to mount it on any conference room TV, wall, tabletop or media console. The Highfive app lets people wirelessly control it from any smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Highfive reflects a new paradigm in the way we communicate at work.
Highfive Video Conferencing Systemの製品仕様340mm x 65mm x 81mm 450grams
プロデューサーHighfive, Inc.
ディレクターDan Harden for Whipsaw, Inc.
デザイナーDan Harden + Hiro Teranishi + Kyle Buzzard for Whipsaw, Inc. + Kailash Hiremath for Highfive, Inc.
Highfive Video Conferencing Systemの開発・企画についてHighfive is a cost-effective video conferencing with an unprecedented ease of use in its category as well as a high quality audio and video experience. The system automatically recognizes users when they walk into the room. People initiate video calls by tapping a button on their smart phones or tablets, or by clicking a browser link. There is no remote control or new user interface to learn.
Highfive Video Conferencing SystemのデザインについてCreate the first all-in-one video conferencing device that is effectively priced for companies to deploy in every room, and solves the biggest problem with video conferencing: ease of use.
Highfive Video Conferencing Systemはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかHighfive delivers crystal clear conversations and a high-end video experience. The aluminum wings house a high-fidelity microphone array, which zeroes in on active speakers while cancelling out background noises. The video uses a high-definition camera at 60 frames per second.The units bold geometric forms are perfect for merging with a rectangular TV. The black cube houses the camera assembly and mount mechanism. It overhangs the front to secure it to the front edge of the TV, while the opposing clamp under the cube grasps the back of the TV. For tabletop use, this clamp acts as a foot for the unit and provides an adjustable angle. The aluminum wings, which dispense heat, house the circuit board and the microphones. A fine slit is machined into each wing for sound to enter.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Create a complete hardware and software solution for video conferencing that would be extremely easy and fast to use; attractive, and reasonably priced so that it could exist on every TV in an office.
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