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360-degree personal active safety system


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The Halo Lightの概要The Halo Light LED ring quickly attaches to any hard hat. Construction workers in low visibility situations are practically invisible to motorists and equipment operators. The Halo Lights 360 degree illumination is easy to distinguish even at a distance.It enables workers to both see and be seen. There are four modes 1. Halo, a 360 degree light, 2. Hi-Alert, a bright pulse circles the head, 3. Task, brighter light is focused towards the front 1/3 of the Halo, 4. Dim, for working next to someone. The Halo Light is an active safety system, going above and beyond existing reflective solutions.
The Halo Lightの製品仕様38mm x 263mm x 308mm, 266g
デザイナーPensar: Alex Diener, Kristin Will, John Murkowski, Chad Brinckerhoff, Trent Wetherbee, Aaron Johnson / Illumagear: Andrew Royal, Max Baker, John Manthey
The Halo Lightの開発・企画についてThe Halo Light allows the wearer to see and be seen. Construction workers in low visibility situations can be practically invisible to passing motorists and heavy equipment operators. The Halo Lights 360 degree illumination makes it easy to distinguish an individual even at a distance. The Halo Light also illuminates a workers task area and any hidden dangers in their periphery.
The Halo LightのデザインについてThe Halo Light is a 360-degree LED light ring that quickly attaches to any hard hat. It produces a halo of light, safely enabling the wearer to see and be seen in all directions at all times.
The Halo Lightはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかSafety products in construction have been focused on passive instead of active alerts. The problem with passive alerts like reflective clothing is they are only as effective as the external light source reflecting them.Our solution had to succeed where current products fail. 1. Have 12 hr. battery life, a full shift 2. Ensure workers are visible from all sides 3. Be bright enough to be seen 1/4 mile away, unlike headlamps or reflective clothing 4. Light workers periphery 5. Require no secondary light source to illuminate 6. Move with the worker including underground and off the ground, unlike current worksite lights 7. Be rugged enough for construction sites and high quality, unlike headlamps 8. Be simple enough to use without instruction 9. Be energy efficient
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項We made The Halo Light simple and intuitive to use. Only 1 button to press to cycle through 4 modes. Installation is simply pushing The Halo Light on to the hard hat. Removal is just pulling it off.It takes less than a second.We brought the concept of light-as-brand to the project. As you move further away, the housing becomes invisible leaving only the halo of light.
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