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HU8500の概要HU8500 TVs black bezel surrounded by metal trim provides users the impression of watching a moving canvas with high quality sound further enriching a clear picture. The rich sound coming out from the slits at the bottom enhances the users immersion in the screen. The newly presented aero-stand reduces the presence of TV neck, which has been an obstacle in TV design, and creates a contrast effect with the metal screen plate at the front to make the screen appear to be floating in the air, thereby delivering a heightened viewing experience.
HU8500の製品仕様- 1228.2 x 745.9 x 269.9 (W*H*D / mm, including stand, 55" standard) - 21.1 kg (including stand)
プロデューサーSang-hoon Lee Senior Manager VD Product Planning Group Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
ディレクターJun-ho Yang Vice President VD Design Team Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
デザイナーSin-wi Moon Senior Designer, Sung-jin Ann Principal Designer VD Design Team Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
HU8500の開発・企画についてWith the thin metal frame barely taping the sides of the screen, the detailed picture quality, unique in the UHD remains intact. The speaker at the bottom has a slit design with a moderate feeling. The speaker is designed to directly spread sound to the front to provide an enhanced sense of immersion by creating a rich sound through a thin, but open, bezel.
HU8500のデザインについてThe refrained design is meant to not undermine the high-resolution UHD screen. To realize the high quality sound matching the UHD screen, an enhanced internal sound solution was applied.
HU8500はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかThe newly introduced T-shaped stand has two different textures, making the stand look like a small metal plate separated from the screen. As a result, the design provides the image of a screen floating in the air. This floating screen look adds aesthetic value to the space by maximizing emotional value. It reflects our design philosophy to create a beautiful TV even when it is off. However, the value of the floating screen doesnt end here. It is also meant to eliminate an obstacle for a sense of immersion by removing the neck found on conventional TVs, thereby offering the ultimate viewing immersion.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項TV is to deliver a picture as close to the original as possible to viewers. We used natural materials to express this nature and to produce a high-class viewing experience generated from moderate and refrained expression. The harmony of silver & black metal in the T-shaped stand flowing from the main set creates a unique formative aesthetic and style evoking an image of a floating TV screen.
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