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H6410の概要[A TV Hung like an Art Piece on the Wall]H6410 TV is designed to look like a beautiful artwork with its white frame hung on the wall. It boasts of an image of furniture perfectly coordinated with the interior environment, encouraging users to keep it for a long time.We aimed to create a product always contributing to making the space beautiful and lively under the concept of a TV as an artwork, even when it is not in use. It has an outstanding sense of presence, not only in its appearance, but also in its value, providing a comprehensive experience to users through its creative UX.
H6410の製品仕様1234mm x 745.2mm x 245.3mm / 55" standard
プロデューサーSang-wook Kim Assistant Manager Product Planning Group Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
ディレクターJun-ho Yang Vice President VD Design Team Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
デザイナーRi-na Shin Senior Designer, Woo-seok Hwang Senior Designer, So-young Jung Assistant Designer, Jae-deok Yun Assistant Designer VD Design Team Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
H6410の開発・企画についてA beautiful TV best befitted to the interior environment. TV is an object displayed in the daily life space at home before it is an electronic product. In this connection, we found the open possibility of TVs usage, utilizing this very nature even when it is not being used for viewing.
H6410のデザインについてAn art-like TV on the wall. A new level of TV, resembling a beautiful painting in its white frame hung on the wall
H6410はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したか- TV is an object displayed in everyday life at home before it is an electronic product. Therefore, it should be integrated into the space pleasantly and beautifully.- The design, making a TV look like an artwork hung on the wall, brings out its outstanding value presence perfectly coordinated with its surroundings, which makes it different from conventional the black & metallic design due to its formative sense of presence.- By making use of the large display as an object, the TV can serve as a simple clock or even a piece of art on the wall applicable in daily life. As such, TV can always be alive, even when it is turned off.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項- The white TV creates a new level, different from conventional black models.- It looks like a beautiful painting in its white frame.- As an art piece on the wall, the TV can be alive even when it is off.- It presents a sense of presence as a beautiful experience and an intrinsic value in daily life beyond its formative presence.- It encourages users to keep it with them for a long time.
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