RFH282A Series



French Door Refrigerator






RFH282A Seriesの概要The FDSR refrigerator sports a user-friendly design that maximizes use of space and enhances user accessibility. The user places food items that are large in size and that need to be stored for a long time in the InnerCase. Frequently used food items and beverages can be separately stored in the ShowCase in front. This "refrigerator inside a refrigerator" concept reflects food types and refrigerator usage patterns. It is thus a refrigerator design that was optimized for users.
RFH282A Seriesの製品仕様* Dimension : 908(W)*1777(H)*963(D) * Weight : 176kg
プロデューサーTed OH Manager REF Product Marketing Part Samsung Electronics
ディレクターSangwoon Jeon Senior Designer DA Design Group Samsung Electronics
デザイナーSangwoon Jeon Senior Designer, Hyunil Lee Senior Designer, Junkyo Lee Assistant Designer, Selim Yoon Assistant Designer DA Design Group Samsung Electronics
RFH282A Seriesの開発・企画についてThe user can easily store food items separately based on their size and the type of products they are, thanks to the InnerCase inside the refrigerator and the ShowCase in the front. This has maximized efficient use of limited space and usability. Also, user accessibility was enhanced and energy-saving effects were achieved through the Easy Handle, slide guard, tilting guard, and other factors.
RFH282A SeriesのデザインについてWe analyzed usage patterns and separated the refrigerator space into the InnerCase and ShowCase based on the concept, "refrigerator inside a refrigerator", thus allowing efficient storage of food.
RFH282A Seriesはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかFirst, we applied the Easy Handle, two withdrawal guards that slide in and out, and one tilting guard to enhance usability and accessibility between the ShowCase and user.Second, we adopted a refined design for the Easy Handle to showcase a sturdy, sophisticated design.Third, to maintain freshness of the food items and beverages that are stored in the ShowCase, which is frequently used, and to maintain them in a cool state, we used stainless steel for the inside of the door to apply a metal cooling system.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項We wanted to create a design that has value in the global market by coming up with a user-centered design. We also sought to address typical refrigerator issues that are related to spatial composition, accessibility, and usability. To this end, we analyzed refrigerator usage patterns and actively reflected them in the product to complete a user-friendly design.
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