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Tapienの概要This is a jewelry collection that is inspired by traditional Thai mobile called “ Pla-ta-pien” The texture on a jewelry pieces was carefully created to match with the concept which has an origin from banana leaf. Banana leaf is the main material for making traditional Pla-ta-pien mobile. Trimode has invented an interesting technique that is suitable with the design and concept. Therefore, the pieces of jewelry is all flexible like a mobile.
プロデューサーTrimode Design Co.,Ltd.
ディレクターPirada Senivongse na Ayudhya
デザイナーPirada Senivongse na Ayudhya
This connecting or joining system is designed to hide the joint and be part of the overall design. So it makes the jewelry piece that looks strong and heavy has a movement and flexible. Each units are moveable. The jewelry can blend with the movement of the wearer.
We also incorporated reusability on the collection to allow consumer to endlessly re-create their jewelry with a new design from their old jewelery parts and systems. Because the jewelry is designed to be a system unit that has many possibility to recreate a new form of jewelry.
This is a collection that we did some research and study of Thai traditional jewelry crafts and trandsform or recreate all those knowledge in to a new possibility. So we came up with the idea of transforming hadicraft in to an industrial production.
This design gives benefits to an environment by saving the fix cost, timing and energy power of the production process. It is because of a single system that was created from one pattern of metal sheets. So we can make only one mold and repeat the whole system easily in to various designs.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことMost of our inspiration came from things surrounding which is automatically reflect Thai or Asian culture in a new diamention. Tapien is one of our special collection that we did some research and study in traditional thai jewelry crafts and transform all those techniques with and an idea from traditional Thai mobile intrimode style.
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