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NetCast 4.0の概要This Smart TV Interface was designed to facilitate users to use smart functions as conveniently as possible. Users not good at using the menu can operate TV by talking to TV through the detection of natural voice. This is a smart function that anybody can easily use. By using the magic remote-controller, the screen can be controlled fast like using a computer mouse. A lot of contents can be searched fast and conveniently with the use of wheel of the remote-controller. Home Dashboard, the core screen of Smart TV, is in a Card Type, which enables users to understand the structure at a glance.
プロデューサーKun-Sik Lee/ Principal Designer (GUI Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
ディレクターUni-Young Kim/ Senior Designer (GUI Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
デザイナーHyung-Nam Lee, Kang-Seub Lee, Hye-Jin Yu, Goo-Ryong Gang, Go-Eun Lee/ Designer (GUI Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
NetCast 4.0のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
The first is the magic mouse and the use of wheel. To search from hundreds of movies, instead of pressing the 4-direction button hundreds of times, users can use a pointer and move a wheel a few times easily. The second is the integrated remote-controller.
This smart TV Interface changes user’s lifestyle dramatically. Users don’t need to cancel the appointments to come home to watch their favorite programs on live and simply schedule recording of them via smart TV APP installed on the mobile phone or download them on VOD later easily. Through the smart TV, humans don’t need to live according to the TV schedule.
Sofeware industry forms a great ecosystem and creates and develops numerous industries. In the center, the smart TV manufacturer is located and Interface (UX+GUI) makes a great contribution.
The smart TV provides an opportunity to bring scattered family members together in front of the TV. Rather than being individualized through smart TV, many functions installed facilitate better communications and emotion-sharing.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことAs a family device, many contents are created to facilitate communication in the family and among families and many researches are done to enjoy the smart in lean-back and comfortably. If users point to inconveniences on the review page, it will be very helpful to the development of smart TV. The aggressive participation by 3rd party developers will contribute to the building of ecosystem.
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