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2013 Smart Interaction - Gestureの概要This is a new means of interaction where the user’s hand movements are recognized to control all functions of a smart TV. An embedded camera recognizes the user’s hand location and displays a pointer, in a hand image, accordingly. This makes it look like the user is actually touching the TV set that is three to four meters away. By moving his hand like he is turning the pages of a book, he can actually turn the page. The user easily learns how to use this method of interaction since it is based on how actual objects are used.
プロデューサーGaeyoun Kim Group Leader, Sungwan Koo Manager, Won Cheul Kim Designer, VD Product Planning Group.
ディレクターKWANMIN LEE, Group Leader, VD UX1 Group
デザイナーMin-Hyung Kim Senior Designer, Dongheon Lee Senior Designer, Junggeun Kim Designer, Sunghyun Jang Designer, Jihong Kim Designer, VD UX2Group
2013 Smart Interaction - Gestureのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
With this method, the user chooses an item displayed on the screen. The user feels less burdened since he does not have to operate elements displayed on the TV screen using an object – the remote control. This is also a solution for users who find it difficult to hold a remote control because of hand discomfort.
Whenever we sit down on a sofa, we look for the remote control. We feel anxious when there is no remote control, and even frustrated when we cannot find the remote control. We presented an opportunity to become free from such dependence on an object.
TVs are becoming smarter, but input devices are evolving relatively slowly. By adopting motion, which is a type of natural interaction, we presented a new alternative for TV control. In addition, we built a foundation for controlling the TV without a remote control.
This provides a more pleasant usage environment to users who find it difficult to hold a remote control due to hand discomfort. We expect to add enjoyment in their leisure life.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことBy allowing easy and convenient operation without a remote control, we aim to create an input environment that is free from remote controls. This would reduce the waste of resources. This is also an input technology that can be easily used by the disabled, thereby contributing to social development.
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