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Emotional Unlockの概要"Emotional Unlock" aims to provide impressive First Visual Experience by utilizing the unlock method in Smartphones.The first feature called Peephole is the World’s first feature on mobile devices. The product can be unlocked by swiping anywhere on the screen, and the touch point grows to a bigger circle as the finger moves on the screen. User can also preview whats on the next screen. The Motion Effect of nature has been applied to differentiate from the cold and inhuman design of typical Android interfaces. Effects can be selected from Dewdrop, Ink, Ripple, Hula-Hoops, etc.
プロデューサーKunho Lee/ Senior Designer (Advanced GUI Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
ディレクターKunho Lee/ Senior Designer (Advanced GUI Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
デザイナーYongdeok Lee/ Senior Designer, Kwonhan Bae/ Senior Designer, Insu Hwang/ Senior Designer, Kwanju Jung/ Senior Designer (Advanced GUI Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
Emotional Unlockのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
Unlocking is done by swiping from any point to any direction on the screen, which is an improvement from the old way that forced the user to move to certain directions from certain points. Our method also is easier to implement because it can be done with either of the two hands.
The circle brought up upon touching the screen gets bigger or smaller as the finger moves, providing the intuitive cue about dragging to the user. It is also possible to predict the next screen after unlocking, because the circle contains the last screen before locking.
Tight collaboration between designers and developers enabled creation of the solution that expresses natural phenomena and real world physics. In order to reduce the gap between the two teams with different sensibilities, we set numerical values to the design concept and came up with quantified Motion Effect Guide, and ran dozens of tests on various cases to tune the details per different actions.
We are constantly endeavoring to provide functional benefits, as well as convenient UX and emotional satisfaction, which we hope will contribute to improve the society and IT environment. Our Emotional Unlock GUI is the fruit of such efforts.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことUnlocking is the first and the most attempted action when using a smartphone, and the premise was to make the action as simple, convenient and intuitive as possible, which we attempted to accomplish with this after numerous trials and errors. We also observed numerous natural phenomena, and prototypes were made based on the observations to which repeated tests brought us what we wanted.
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