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UN55S9Cの概要"World’s first curved OLED TV" The S9C is the world’s first mass-produced 55” curved OLED TV. It was created with the aim of featuring an immersive experience through lifelike picture, surround sound system, and circumferential form. This product goes beyond general TV functions, thus delivering new value and experience to consumers.
プロデューサーGye-wook Jo, Manager, TV Product Planning Part, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
ディレクターJun-ho Yang, Vice President, VD Design Group, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
デザイナーSung-il Bang Senior Designer, Hae-sung Park Designer, VD Design Group, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
The curved display and the front sound system, which delivers rich sound, deliver an immersive experience as if the user were in an opera house. All functions, excluding the screen, were applied to the frame. The bold attempt we made regarding the form enables the user to fully concentrate on the screen when watching TV and delivers formative beauty.
Full HD content and 3D content can be displayed on one screen, thanks to the Smart Multi View function. With one TV set, consumers can view channels or broadcast programs that they respectively want to watch. In other words, one TV set can be used as if it were two TV sets for several viewers.
As the world’s first 55” curved OLED TV, this product signals the beginning of a human-friendly display where there is exchange among humankind, the environment, and light. It delivers new experiential value and serves as a success model for green industries, which are new growth drivers.
The OLED panel, which runs on ultra low power, saves energy and can be separated by material for easier recycling. Efficiency was achieved in the number of manufacturing processes and parts to result in a substantial reduction in energy use. By applying such materials as metal and glass, we pursued to create an eco-friendly design.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe wanted to show that a smart TV is an outcome of evolution that communicates with the world, going beyond simple display of images. People are encouraged to share their experiences and memories through content and smart functions. We would like this product to be regarded as the beginning point of human-friendly displays that offer enhanced value.
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