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全面パネルのように見える極細のフレームに、最低限のデザインを施した美しいスピーカーをまとった完成度の高いデザインのUltra HDTVである。





LA9650の概要Through the part of the screen of the slim frame and narrow bezel, unnecessary elements have been eliminated as many as possible to maximize immersion in video viewing. And the high-definition images are created by contrast of the colors and materials through the contrast of the material with the front speaker in the restrained plastic molding.Through the extruding banding method, the seamlessness and formative completeness of the middle frame have been embodied with the creation of luxury together with the metal used as material of the speaker part on the bottom.
プロデューサーSung-Gu Joe/ Design Expert (LCD Team, Home Entertainment Design lab.)
ディレクターDeung Hwangbo/ Chief designer (OLED Team, Home Entertainment Design lab.)
デザイナーJongyoun Shin/ Chief designer (OLED Team, Home Entertainment Design lab.)
In order to minimize the use of risk elements and ensure safety when the consumers use the product, design was made to meet the enhanced safety standards through various tests (tests of the conductance and conduction angle of the stand, etc.).
To provide the optimized smart life style, the users can make an intuitive operation with the motion remote control provided. Even in the environments of Wi-Fi wireless, user convenience in smart features has been added so that the users can make convenient access to various contents.
The simpler and smarter user interface and the magic smart TV remote control to enable intuitive operation have increased the convenience of the product. And, ultra-definition technology enables the expression of more delicate and natural images on the big screen. Therefore, it will also enable the users to experience extremely high-definition and mass production technology.
We are in compliance with the standards of the packaging and disposal of International environmental certification in the use of all parts. With application of metal materials of which recycling is easy, environmental friendly is taken into account.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe tried to make a TV set through which we can watch videos as if we were seeing a realistic movie in the movie theater.Thus, any unnecessary figurative elements were reduced as much as possible to enable the maximization of immersion. Front-end speaker that highlights sound quality to meet ultra-definition was configured to manufacture the product of LA9650.
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