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ET720の概要KidsPad is designed as a learning device for infants of 3 to 7 who can play and learn at the same time. It will be the first digital device for the children who will live in the smart world. It has a great significance in that it will serve as a guide book through which they are in contact with the digital world.
プロデューサーGang-Ho Woo/ Chief Designer (IT Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
ディレクターJong-Ho Kim/ Chief Designer (Media Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
デザイナーSung-Soo Jun/Junior Designer (Media Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
A rubber bumper with a simple curve is designed for good grip feeling when children grip the product with their small hands as well as for the natural feature of the protection of the product. Stylus pen is tailored to children’s small hands in size, although the pen is too small and inconvenient for adults. And the pen is not slippery because of rubber used in the middle part.
Children have a strong attachment about their own things and are greatly satisfied in that they have their own thing if they have a KidsPad. They have great pleasure in learning a lot through games as well as playing. In addition the parents are also contented to see their children play with KidsPad in that they can enjoy their personal time while their children are spending time with the KidsPad.
Despite the development of digital, in a situation that there are no digital devices children can play with, KidsPad was developed for their education as a pioneer for such purpose in a new genre. As the product is in the form of a cartridge, piracy can be prevented. And therefore, we believe that KidsPad will serve a momentum for other contents providers to develop good contents for infants.
Non-toxic materials are used and more stringent QA standards are applied to make the KidsPad. For the use of all parts of the packaging of international environmental certification and disposal, we are in compliance with the standards, and the product is eco-friendly because reusable rubber is used.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe hope that we will have good memories in the distant future that “more and more children had been playing with KidsPad.” We think designers have to pay more attention to socially disadvantaged and children as well. We sincerely hope that people will make more products for the users who need more social attention.
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