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Tono LED Mood Lightの概要Featuring 126 LEDs, Tono is capable of displaying both white and color light. Not only can you adjust the white light from a warm (~2,700 K) to a cool (~8,000 K) light, you can also let the lamp cycle through 1,500 light color combinations of Red, Green, and Blue at different speed. All of this can be done using the intuitive built-in touch slider and 3 touch buttons. The touch slider also allows you to turn the lamp on/off and dim the light to your desired brightness level. The lamp is also 360° rotatable at the base. The beautifully structured Tono decorates any room like a white sculpture.
プロデューサーKoncept Technologies Inc.
ディレクターPeter Ng
デザイナーKenneth Ng, Edmund Ng
Tono LED Mood Lightのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
We believe different colors impact people in different ways. Imagine being able to paint your home a different color everyday, to whichever color that soothes your mind. Tono allows users to be immersed in a light color of their choice, one that suits the mood of the user.
Tonos minimalist body suits any interior décor. When it is off, it stands on the floor as an aesthetically pleasing statue. When it is turned on, it can function as the center of attention, or it can be turned to face the wall to give a soft glow to the room.
Tono is one of a kind in the lighting industry. It functions as an LED mood light but none other LED mood light has ever been designed in a similar form factor. The fact that it can be changed to White color and function as a practical light gives it a dual purpose and is really new to the lighting industry.
Tono consumes only 18W. We believe families will enjoy the colored light from Tono and can likely save energy by turning off other light sources in the room and leaving only the Tono turned on. Tono further helps save energy when its white light is used for practical purposes due to its relatively low consumption.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことTono is a fun light with a wealth of features. It is perfect for decorative purposes, but its White light mode gives it a great practical purpose. Users have the flexibility to choose to fix at any colors out of 1,500 different colors, including different shades of white color, anywhere from warmest to coolest white light.
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