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FS9000 (Food Showcase Refrigerator)の概要The refrigerator space is divided into the ‘incase’ and ‘showcase’. The ‘incase’ is a traditional refrigerator space for housewives for storage of groceries. The ‘showcase’ is a space for storing food items for family members. The ‘showcase’ is designed in a way that enables easy preparation of food for family. It can serve as a space for sharing among family members. This special space breaks away from the standard refrigerator image and instead offers a space with a new feel just like a furniture showcase.
プロデューサーOkmo Yang, Manager, REF Product Marketing Part 2, Samsung Electronics
ディレクターMinhyouk Bu, Principal Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
デザイナーSeojin Park Senior Designer, Dajeong Kim Assistant Designer, Rina Sin Designer, Heame Lee Principal Designer, Yukyung Lee Assistant Designer, Mihyun Kim Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
FS9000 (Food Showcase Refrigerator)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
We focused on making the showcase door extremely slim and lightweight so that the door can be frequently and easily opened by any type of user. The showcase space was divided in consideration of user accessibility. It consists of the cooking zone, which is the upper space; the family zone, where water and beverages are stored; and the kids’ zone, which is in the bottom.
The showcase is a space for the entire family. Family members can easily find snacks in their respective space, removing the need for moms and wives to find the food for their families. The showcase serves as ‘a space for promise’ among family members. It is for storage of side dishes for a meal or snacks for children. The user needs to open the large, heavy door only for cooking.
We proposed a refrigerator with a completely new platform, while retaining the cabinet of standard side-by-side refrigerators. We designed the refrigerator in a way that delivers beauty based on its fundamental functions and structure, without the use of decorative elements.
The user can take out frequently enjoyed food items by opening only the showcase. This considerably increases energy efficiency. By separating the space for children and dads for easy use, housewives no longer have to help their family members find their snacks. Housewives can enjoy more free time. We also used recyclable materials that can minimize industrial waste and refrained from using spray.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことHome appliances help families live easier daily lives. By using the food showcase, housewives can enjoy more free time. Family members don’t have to leave the refrigerator door wide open, looking for their snacks in the refrigerator. Consideration was made for new types of users, whose needs are not reflected in other products, in addition to housewives.
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