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WA-F900A Seriesの概要With the industry’s largest capacity, the F900A is leading large-capacity technologies in the fully automatic washing machine industry. The touch controls ensure user convenience. The exterior chromium line makes the product look strong and enhances the sense of sophistication. The dryer, which is a set with the washing machine, has substantially reduced risks of fire, which is usually caused by clogging of the exhaust duct. It also prevents static, odor, and wrinkles.
プロデューサーKyuhoon Kim, Manager, W/M Product Marketing Part, Samsung Electronics
ディレクターHyungsub Choi, Senior Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
デザイナーHyungsub Choi Senior Designer, Junghoon Hwang Designer, Jaewon Choi Assistant Designer, Kisang Yoon Assistant Designer, Taehyung Cho Senior Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
WA-F900A Seriesのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
A big, wide tempered glass was applied to the door so that the user can more easily check the washing status. We applied a control panel that is similar to that of front-loading machines, resulting in sophistication and easier recognition and use of functions.
The Smart Care function is a service provided in connection with smartphones. The user can check the product state in real time. When there is a problem, information on it is automatically sent to the service center, removing the need for the user to solve the problem himself or call the service center. The VRT function reduces vibration and noise, thus providing a quiet washing environment.
Smart functions, which were previously applied to only premium home appliances, were adopted for even the top-loading machine market, which mainly consists of washing machines in the low price range. This has resulted in the spread of smart home appliances.
The Eco Plus function is for both consumers and the environment. Even when cold water is used for washing, the clothes are clean as if they were washed using warm water. This feature thus increases washing performance and energy efficiency. Offering strong washing power, the AquaJet technology enables deep cleaning of clothes with a small amount of water, thus reducing water consumption.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことThe F900A is a result of reflecting consumer demand as much as possible. It offers fundamental features, including a lightweight door, easy identification of the washing progress, and easy operation, while offering smart functions for convenient use. It is an ultra-large premium washing machine that ensures strong washing and drying performance and a befitting dynamic design.
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