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Hom-Bot Square (VR6270LVM)の概要As a new kind of robot vacuum cleaner with soft square shape, it significantly improved corner cleaning performance. Minimal design and seamless shape with a digital rather than mechanical bumper creates a clean, sleek and durable image. Simplicity is the design mantra and this products easy-to-open upper dust box, slide on/off rag pad, and toe-touch "start/stop" button make it a real winner. The voice recognition model (VR6280LVMC) with position-recognition feature allows users to operate the robot vacuum with their voice and even call it to a desired location--no need to carry it.
プロデューサーSeonil Yu/ Funtional Expert (Cooking&Cleaning design team, Home Appliance design lab.)
ディレクターYonggyun Ghim/ Senior Designer (Cooking&Cleaning design team, Home Appliance design lab.)
デザイナーYonggyun Ghim/ Senior Designer (Cooking&Cleaning design team, Home Appliance design lab.), Kiwan Nam/ Senior Designer (Prestige design solution team, Home Appliance design lab.)
Hom-Bot Square (VR6270LVM)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
For user convenience, the product has a slide on/off rag pad on the back and an easy-to-separate upper dust box. For the utmost in UI, the most frequently activated button--"start/stop," is enlarged and can be activated by the simple touch of a toe.
Another concern was having to carry the robot vacuum cleaner to the desired location. Voice recognition model (VR6280LVMC), with its position-recognition feature, allows users to voice control the robot vacuum, so it can be simply called to the desired location instead of having to carry it around.
The robot vacuum cleaner industry was dominated by iRobot and the product features were defined by its shape and random operation. However, Hom-Bot Square breaks away this stereotype and guides the industry to a position recognition-based, square-shaped smarter vacuum cleaner with a non-crash sensing function. It now holds the no.1 position in the global market in terms of cleaning performance.
Hom-Bot Square and its upgraded cleaning and running performance helps users spend less time cleaning and worrying about it and more time doing what they want to do. With Hom-Bot Square, families spend more quality time together.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe started designing the product with a question - Why does the robot vacuum act so stupid when its a robot? We took into account the appearance, environment, interaction and created a product design that cleans well and works smart. Hom-Bot Square is beyond the traditional robot vacuum cleaner. It is a smart, innovative product that takes us one step closer to perfect, automated cleaning.
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