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這款多功能背蓋支架可以讓ipad mini以各種角度站立,其四連杆環狀支架結構新穎獨特,整體重量輕盈。

此設計開發完整,功能和形態結合巧妙,與ipad mini的密合度、關聯性都處理得很好。


從設計角度講來看,ipad系列產品本身已經樹立了獨具一格的標準(Standard),但這個設計應用不同的元素,與ipad mini做配合,功能形態上結合的美感讓人印象深刻。

iCircle Multi Stand for iPad miniの概要iCircle-Easy view for moreAn innovative cover with swivel circle stand for your iPad mini. It’s more flexible than a dock, and more durable than a cover. Only a finger click, enjoy 4 kinds of views fulfill every common scenario for e-reading, movie watching, photo viewing, gaming, even typing on the desk. iCircle is a best companion with your smart device to enrich every moment in your life. <Vedio> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzGbWb4Cy2M
プロデューサーRolling Ave.Co.,Ltd
ディレクターKevin Chiang
デザイナーKevin Chiang
iCircle Multi Stand for iPad miniのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
A good product not only can define design sense and functionality but also spent greater level on understanding the user experience. iCircle -simplifies the complexity through simple usage and making the complex module underneath. Users are able to enjoy different viewing scenarios by intuitively pointing-and-pulling, turning-and-clicking the ring to secure the stand position.
Aside from the convenience to which the mobile device may bring, it also conveys the sense of personal style. Knowing Apple fans brand recognition to Apple, iCircle is thus being developed to complements Apple by its overall design, and making the hollow aluminum ring to reveal the Apple logo. Though the accessory is next to being secondary, it also convey a sense of refinement and taste.
iCircle is designed to work as a swiveled kick stand and storable in a compact style. Such design sense can be expanded into a range called “iCircle family” and adapt it to work with different device models or other lifestyle creations. In a larger sense, iCircle conveys design versatility and adaptability to industry-wide.
iCircle has currently been well adapted to be used within the medical supply industry among the European countries. Due to its mechanical construction and versatility as a supporting stand, it offers convenience to doctors during their medical practice. Empowering its good design to serve the mankind, iCircle is increasingly gaining its social level of influence towards caring for the world.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe modify the mechanism in order to allow different viewing mode just to provide better convenience and enrich our mobile lifestyle.
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