A3 Copier


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CLX-9301の概要This large multifunction copier enables the user to photocopy and print A3 size documents and images. It is the smallest among products in the same class. This high-performance product enables the user to choose additional options for paper supply and printout management.
プロデューサーJin-Kyung Choi Senior Manager PRT Product Strategy Part, IT Solutions Business Samsung Electronics
ディレクターEung-Yul Lee Principal Designer ITS Design Group, Samsung Electronics
デザイナーJong-kyu Kim Senior Designer, Min-chol Kim Assistant Designer, Seung-wook Jeong Principal Designer, ITS Design Group, Samsung Electronics
We will establish consistency in the product lineup by continually adopting colors (dark brown and white) that were applied in consideration of the operation cycle and usability of printer products.
The height of the scan area considers the physical attributes of various users. The control panel allows the user to operate the machine by using an appropriate amount of kinetic energy.
The purpose of this product is to provide services to users in one location. The product’s design prevents users from becoming tired of the product even after long-term use and delivers unique characteristics.
It has added diversity to the A3 multifunction copier market, providing more choice to consumers. It has competitiveness in its class in terms of both size and performance, thus assuming market leadership.
The ‘InfoBar’ design concept was adopted to ensure easy user understanding of the output functions, unlike other A3 multifunction copiers that are complicated and difficult to use. The aim was to reduce the sense of unfamiliarity that users have toward large printer products.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe wanted to have this large machine faithfully fulfill its roles and deliver an emotional user experience through its form. We want to let users know that this is a smart product that features countless functions but ensures easy use.
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