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Kidsの概要‘Kids’ is a service that can be enjoyed together by parents and their children in the home. It recommends content according to the usage history and preference of a child. It encourages the child to take continuous interest in the content by providing various stickers as a reward. Parents can also manage their child’s TV-viewing experience by viewing history records and using the alarm function.
プロデューサーYoungry Noh Assistant Manager, HwaSoo Lee Assistant Manager Open Solution Part Samsung Electronics
ディレクターJiny Kwon Principal Designer VDUX Planning Group Samsung Electronics
デザイナーPillKyoung Moon Senior Designer, Minsun Park Assistant Designer, Bonhyun Cho Senior Designer, junsik choi Designer, VDUX Planning Group / WuJong Kwon Designer Design Group Samsung Electronics
We chose six themes that help child development in consideration of behavioral development of children, and provided contents based on the themes. We additionally created interactive contents so that they could be used at learning institutes. By offering digital contents, we wanted to contribute to environmental protection by reducing use of educational materials in paper format
The Kids service targets children aged six or younger. This is the most important age range in child behavioral development. ‘Kids’ enables balanced behavior development and cognitive development by introducing various elements that promote visual, acoustic, and language development, rather than focusing on one area.
Modern lifestyles have resulted in a steady reduction in communication between parents and children. The Kids service can be enjoyed together by parents and their children. Parents can provide their children with content and stickers and check the history of what their children viewed. This service thus helps children learn and helps parents engage in effective communication with their children.
The children’s market is rapidly adopting digital technologies. Kids is a service embedded in smart TVs. The software development kit supports the production of digital content for children. The recommendation and rewards system promotes the consumption of content. The service thus contributes to the overall digital content industry for children.
Low-income families cannot provide many educational opportunities to children.Educational institutes for children are expensive and learning materials that are used at these institutes are also expensive. The Kids service is embedded in TVs.This means that people who purchase a TV set can enjoy educational content at an affordable price.Educational institutes for children can also use interesting.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことThere has recently been a sharp increase in the use of smartphones and tablet PCs, among other devices. Children are exposed to more content. There is a need to produce TV content that is specifically for children. We created the Kids service in consideration of such needs. We hope this service helps parents and their children in the learning and development process.
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