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Fitnessの概要Fitness is a service that recommends and plays exercise-related VODs, applications, and games that any type of user can easily enjoy in front of the TV. The user enters information about himself and sets a weight reduction target, thus establishing a precise exercise plan. After the user is done exercising, the amount of calories burned, exercise details, and physical changes are automatically recorded, thereby enabling the user to analyze exercise patterns.
プロデューサーGordon Kim Assistant Manager, Eleanor JM Woo Associate VD Biz. Development Group Samsung Electronics
ディレクターJiny Kwon Principal Designer VD UX Planning Group Samsung Electronics
デザイナーSeonghoon Jeong Designer, Pilkyoung Moon Senior Designer, Bonghyun Cho, Sooyeoun Yoon, Seunghwan Lee VD UX Planning Group Samsung Electronics
The challenge was changing general users, who are accustomed to passively using the TV, so that they actively use exercise content; and designing an easy screen layout and interaction to allow the user to check the exercise target and progress.
The Fitness service enables easy access to exercise content through the TV. It promotes the health of the user and encourages the user to take interest in managing his health.
The Fitness service breaks the stereotype that TVs are bad for people’s health. It provides exercise content that can be enjoyed by any type of user in a general TV usage environment. It thus helps the user enjoy a healthy, well-regulated life.
In addition to integrating and providing services that help users exercise and are provided by mobile and web platforms, the Fitness service establishes a platform for direct provision of exercise content. It thus encourages the exercise-related service industry to advance into consumers’ homes.
We are planning various programs that can be used through the Fitness service that are intended to have users develop a healthy mind through exercising. This naturally encourages the user to take interest in environmental pollution caused by modern civilization and people’s tendency of taking life lightly.
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