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Soap Villa Classic Collectionの概要Every single bar of our soap is made of natural raw materials and nature-friendly processes. By inheriting Thai ancient knowledges, from generation to generation, our ingredients consist of Thai vernacular herbs carrying our echt intentions to internationalize Thai tradition and wisdom. “Simple and Natural”, our design concept, could also be perceived easily and internationally. Moreover, our “Simple and Natural” concept could well be approached in every coming age due to its vitally true and honest sustainable personality.
プロデューサーSoap Villa
ディレクターGun Hopornsiri
デザイナーGun Hopornsiri
Soap Villa Classic Collectionの開発・企画についてサステナブル社会(持続可能な社会)の実現に向けて、応募対象が取り組んだこと
We are aimming to use all of local contents and packaging with fair trade for generating incomes to our local partners. Unfortunately, few of them couldnt be produced in Thailand with international standard. However, we are still looking for them to making both our local producers and us are sustainable society.
Soap Villa Classic Collectionのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
We are producing natural products to make everyone away from chemicals for our better life.
We are aimming to make everyone has LOHAS lifestyle.
We have an intention to make our industry to be GREEN!
As we have said from the beginning, we are aimming to sustainability!
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