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CHP-240Nの概要The most frequent complaint from users of the existing water purifiers is that they are too big in size. It is difficult to reduce the size without going back to the drawing board to devise a new method of purifying water. This is exactly what our design department has done. After more than one year of research, we have designed a cold/hot/room-temperature water purifier which is half the size of any existing purifier.Thanks to its compact and innovative design, CHP-240N takes up little space and allows you to use vessels of different sizes and to draw water to a desired amount with one hand.
ディレクターHun-jung Choi
デザイナーHun-jung Choi, Chiaki Murata + Jin-gyu Seo
The compact design has had a positive impact on the environment and society at large. It has simplified the production process and reduced waste when disposing of the product, and has reduced the carbon footprint generating during transportation of the product.
Since water from a water purifier has a direct impact on the human body, we have designed CHP-240N so that it dispenses water through the filters straight from the tap instead of storing the water in a reservoir.This configuration helps users drink cleaner water. In addition, it allows the user to control the water temperature by allowing them to select cold, hot or room-temperature water.
CHP-240N allows you to put vessels of different sizes below the outlet and press the dispense button to receive water. There is no need to worry about spills while receiving water. The control panel allows you to select cold, hot and room-temperature water and to select the desired amount of water. No more holding a large bowl with both hands or pouring water from a small vessel into a large one.
Until recently, water purifiers have been very limited in their technology and were built with out-dated methods. CHP-240N has been developed with new methods in addition to commonly used technologies from other industries. It serves as a milestone for applying technologies from various fields and breaking from the standardised development patterns.
Thanks to its compact and slim design, CHP-240N is very light in weight. In addition, the change in production process has made it possible to reduce the number of parts, which in turn, has the simplified production process and reduced electricity consumption and waste material. It is also an environmentally friendly product in that its plastic and metal parts are recyclable.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことCHP-240N is an innovative product with its compact size and ease of use realized through its design process. It demonstrates the feature that water purifiers can be smaller. Ultimately, CHP-240N will be re-designed to be even smaller in the future. Water purifiers need to continually evolve so that we can drink safe and clean water with ease.
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