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2011年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


Panpuri Home Ambiance Signature Collectionの概要The Panpuri Home Ambiance Signature Collection goes beyond wax and wicks. It is not just another candle. Inspired by the male Indian Peafowl, a unique creature whose train feathers look like eyes when its tail is fanned, the Home Ambiance collection is a rarity of well-stirred design and function. Each of the six scents in the collection is individually labeled by a colored oval window and baptized with an intuitive name that matches its exquisite smell. Its accompanying gift boxes employ chlorine-free paper and environment-friendly soy ink.
プロデューサーMr. Vorravit Siripark
ディレクターMr. Vorravit Siripark
デザイナーPanpuri Design and Product Development Teams
Panpuri Home Ambiance Signature Collectionの開発・企画についてサステナブル社会(持続可能な社会)の実現に向けて、応募対象が取り組んだこと
The design emphasizes the relevance of graphic and color of each product in the range, as well as proper size and weight. Brass-colored glassware not only provides luxurious look but also helps to protect the product from sunlight and further maintaining its quality.
Panpuri Home Ambiance Signature Collectionのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
Panpuri celebrates that power and influence of aroma through the Panpuri Signature Home Ambiance Collection.
The design conveys an image of luxury, uniqueness, complexity and flexibility. The combination of high-quality, vintage hand-blown glass with sophisticated graphic design and special texture of material represents the brand image of Panpuri.
Product development focuses on understanding and meeting customers needs and further adding uniqueness and value to products. We also provide service to customers in forms of customer service advice, store locator, price, product recommendation, promotion and aftersales service.
Panpuris eco-friendly packaging are well-designed, streamlined, biodegradable and easy to recycle or reuse. In principle, we remain environment-friendly but still maintain the functionality of our products--making them more than just a home decor or collectible.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことFrom the scent selection to its intricate embellishments, we dare not call the Panpuri Home Ambiance Signature Collection merely candles, sprays and diffusers. We call it Conscious Luxury.
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