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i10の概要I10s GUI starts from colors. Users can make total 200 color palettes using 10 Focus colors and 20 Background colors, which can lead to therapy effects. Various colors create a synergy in harmony with music. In addition, i10 provides three different home menus; Typeface, Round Module and Quick Player. The same screen savers with three home menus are also distributed. Furthermore, we linked between UX and hardware closely with some graphic effects. For example, users can see a connecting graphic on the part of an earphone jack when they plug earphones in.
プロデューサーCOWON SYSTEM Inc.
ディレクターSemin Jun, Creative design director, Design lab
デザイナーSemin Jun, Creative design director, Design lab/ Chenjong Yoo, Assistant manager, Design lab/ Hyeongil Kim, UX designer, Design lab
We did our best to express original & eco-friendly style rather than distorted colors and artificial graphics. One of our objectives was to reveal a sense of warmth and emotions through the original graphics and build interactions between a person and a person, a person and an environment.
The color therapy of i10 is aimed for caring psychological effects rather than physical effects to bodies. Each color match is able to relax eyes and revitalize a brain making people feel better. The human can sustain a healthy body and a life style when a mental condition is stable.
This is not just a simple music device. I10s GUI makes users emotions more diverse. The various colors of the therapy may help users to listen to music dramatically. All kinds of colors are ready to please users no matter what feelings they have. Customizing GUI provides not only Never boring style but also convenience, which goes well with modern people always seeking a new style.
Color therapy makes it different from others with its emotional design and customizing UI.Except for the current 200 color matches, i10 will keep providing new color matches and new pallets through a firmware through website to meet users high expectations. Also, SOUND UX plays sounds whenever users put earphones in their ear, which would satisfy customers needs.
In a busy and complicated modern life, people can easily ignore their feelings. They do not even acknowledge their hurt feeling. We hope that this new concept of UI which can make s peoples heart more vivid may eventually lead people to have better life.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことColor Therapy UX visually expresses a sense of warmth! We applied the abstract emotions to UI, which gives users a new creative experience with visual effects. To modern people having a busy and complicated life, we provide wholly new and convenient experiences. Ultimately, we hope them to have a happier and healthier life.
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オフィシャルサイト http://download.cowon.com/download/cowonjapan/i10_cowon.zip


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