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SC-5480の概要A pebble image was embedded in the product to deliver a compact image. The handles form was made into a character line to result in an arc and round form. The motor and flow path were reinterpreted, leading to a built-in accessory kit below the carry handle.
プロデューサーYeonsub Kim Manager DA Product Planning Group Samsung Electronics
ディレクターDaeKyun Lee Principal Designer DA Design Group Samsung Electronics
デザイナーJooHyung Kim Designer Digital Imaging Design Group / DaeKyun Lee Principal Designer DA Design Group Samsung Electronics
An accessory kit is usually stored separately from the vacuum cleaner. This is why the accessory kit is easily lost and is difficult to manage. With this product, the accessory kit is stored on the vacuum cleaner for user convenience. The user can take out the accessories whenever needed. We had to come up with detailed ideas on preventing the expansion of the product size.
- Compact size: Easy to store, move, and use - A vacuum cleaner that always has accessories stored with it (Less possibility of losing the accessories / Detach the accessories when cleaning for immediate, convenient use) - HEPA Filter: The indoor environment is cleaner thanks to clean exhaust.
- Use of accessory kit embedded in the vacuum cleaner (Less possibility of losing the accessories / Suitable accessories can be used immediately during cleaning - HEPA Filter: It is attached to the rear of the vacuum cleaner so that it can be easily detached and filters even fine dust.
- Restrain the mass production of unnecessary cleaning accessory kits (Low possibility of losing the accessories / Cleaning materials can be efficiently managed)
We introduced a compact size that is suitable for the increasing number of one-person households and small households, and evolved the previous usage pattern, where accessories were separately stored and various accessory kits were used.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいこと- Restrain mass production of unnecessary parts: Prevent loss of the accessory kit - Accessory usability : Store and use at all times - Stability in the form : The overall product is covered up by a smooth, round shape in consideration of mobility - Handle and character line : The handle shape was connected to the products character line for emphasis and the accessory kit was hidden
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