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Flipbikeの概要The FlipBike is a cool, new, folding balance bike for kids. It is an innovative product that is safe, strong and compact.It is easy to ride, and comes in fun, bright colours.The FlipBike weights only three kilograms so it can be easily carried anywhere. The FlipBike has three adjustable seat heights for growing kids, and a durable, lightweight steel frame for active kids. The FlipBike means no more old-fahioned training wheels. Balance bikes are the best way for children aged 2-5 years to learn balance, strength, co-ordination and speed control, until they are ready to ride a pedal bike.
プロデューサーFlipBike Pty Ltd
ディレクターMatt Golias
デザイナーIdeation Design Pty ltd
It is always a challenge when designing a product to design and manufacture using durable, long-lasting materials, whilst still being able to retail the product at a reasonable price. We think we have met this challenge with the FlipBike.In addition, as the FlipBike does not use fuel, and is propelled by the child, it has very little impact on the environment.
The FlipBike promotes a range of benefits for the human body in raising childrens fitness levels, introducing balance, co-ordination, strenght and speed control whilst encouraging independence.
The FlipBike encourages children to participate in healthy, outdoor play, as well as spend quality, fun time with their families.
In an increasingly disposable society, our aim with the FlipBike is to raise quality standards, and therefore the lifespan, of toys within the industry. We would like to incite peoples awareness in that good quality, although a little more expensive, is good value in the long run.
The FlipBike has been designed and manufactured with the intention that it will have a very long life. This product will give families many years of enjoyment. When family time is compromised in this day and age, the FlipBike is a great product to bring families together, all the while using nothing more than feet for walking and riding!
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことIn an ever-increasingly complex social environment, we wish to provide not only an innovative, well-designed product, but also incorporate that with good-old fashioned family values.The FlipBike is a simple, pick-up-and-ride product. We want to create a situation where the family is pleased that their child has a FlipBike, as well as the relationship it can bring to them and their child.
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