OTOME Natural Intensive Treatment Serum



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Property Technology Co., Ltd.(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


OTOME Natural Intensive Treatment Serumの概要Skincare Product : It works gently with your skin but fights effectively with all skin problems such as fine line, large pore, dry or oily skin, dark spot and uneven skin tone.
プロデューサーSkinnex Co., Ltd.
ディレクターProperty Technology Co., Ltd.
デザイナーNithinan Sahaisuk
OTOME Natural Intensive Treatment SerumのデザインについてOTOME is a product from natural extract, therefore the wood pulp is a major feature and characteristic design. A reference point of wood pulp is natural feel. Additionally, it create a unique selling point for any others. Packaging color selected is earth tone colors and this is specifically served for working ages who concerned their health. The packaging is designed for a very typical use, inside box contains a serum box and serum drop separately with outside lock. With a different stripe color in very single box as a result, product cost is saved, light weight and easy to transport because this is not an authentic wooden box.
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