Keawkoi Amazon 10 mm.



Floor/Wall decorative


Tiga Company Co.,Ltd(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


Keawkoi Amazon 10 mm.の概要Placemat ,Floor/Wall decorate/ Also shape to be a basket/ Floor/Wall decorate/ Also holde the note or namecard
プロデューサーTiga Co.,Ltd
Keawkoi Amazon 10 mm.のデザインについてKeawkoi Concept: Keawkoi is the perfect combination of art delicacy and function. with the uniqueness of VORAVAN products, keawkoi is specially design to be your own surface decorative material. Inspired by the antique style pattern, each piece of Keawkoi can be bound together seamlessly, creating endless possibility of decorative ideas. You can apply Keawkoi to limitless variety of interior and exterior uses; from wall art, mirror decoration to bathroom and sitting rooms flooring. Keawkoi is made from highly flexible material, making it a perfect decorative item on any kinds of surface
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