Eco-friendly decoration


SARAN YOUKONGDEE Design Studio(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


MALEEの概要Its structure has design to be distributed either to size or weight many pieces of jigsaw. The properties are treatment or prevent odor and water resistant that different from other partition. It can be scaled as needed and degradation on the ground quickly with no chemical residue.
プロデューサーSaran Youkongdee
ディレクターSaran Youkongdee
デザイナーSaran Youkongdee
MALEEのデザインについてJigsaw Partition is made from Banana Paper inspired by Thai lifestyle in the past. Long ago Thai people used Bananas for packaging and decorations, which are very attractive. Bananas are very good because it is extremely easy to plant and can grow easily. So I would like to use them as paper and utilize the paper to make Jigsaw Partition. In using them as materials such as home decorations, it is very natural and creates a natural atmosphere. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly since it is biodegradable.
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