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SEASONs Collection by Mobellaの概要The Armchair that all of its compartments can be separated, is designed by considering enviroment-friendly aspect in order to assist during production, assembly, usability, repair and transportation, as well as degradability and disposition in the futire, while keeping the concept that still requires armchair features.
プロデューサーAnuphon Yooyuen
ディレクターAnuphon Yooyuen
デザイナーAnuphon Yooyuen
SEASONs Collection by MobellaのデザインについてReasons for Seasons name. Because this design can be changed form in 3 types to suit with the climate in Thailand; Summer, Winter, and Rainy, by fold or remove the cover. Armchair will be a different in shape. and The idea how to made cover the difference from the traditional armchair cover. But still look the same armchair. But the importance of environmental issues in the way of choosing material and process of production.
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