NOOMNIM Collection by Mobella



Multi-function sofa


PimPen Co.,Ltd(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


NOOMNIM Collection by Mobellaの概要Multi-function sofa that designed to match with the lifestyle of Thai people or the new city perfectly, is concepts from the study of use of the user in a room with limited space. The sofa, designed to be integrated blanket. Which can be folded blanket on the armsrest. It also can be removable by washing. For the modern home or condo with limited space for placing furniture.
プロデューサーAnuphon Yooyuen
ディレクターAnuphon Yooyuen
デザイナーAnuphon Yooyuen
NOOMNIM Collection by MobellaのデザインについてSofa was designed to solve the problem of use. Combining functionality between storage and blankets together for end user by study the culture of Thai people that like the blanket use on the sofa when watching TV or other activities. But at the same time considering the beauty of the layout components to fit on the sofa.
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