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2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


UP lampの概要Since Deesawat is considered to be one of the Green and Environment friendly Manufacturer in Thailand , we have come up with a product that utilizes the waste material from the production. UP LAMP collection arises with the vision of consuming and making use of the waste material in our factory. Being well known to be very unique in quality and is durable for both outdoor and indoor, we used teakwood as our main material.The lighting effects of this lamp shows the natural effect shadow which offers calm and relaxed atmosphere.
プロデューサーDEESAWAT industries co., ltd.
ディレクターjirachai tangkijngamowng , R&D director
デザイナーNakarin kamseela
UP lampのデザインについてas a waste material are always come in varies of size and length. Therefore, to utilize more of material, we have to design to use small and short length of wood in production.The image represent the image of smoke from the chimney so the effect of the light will be varied from each direction.it create a calm and relaxation lighting effect
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