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"Z" LED Table Lampの概要I have been searched in the market for the nice table readign lamp with LED and I cant find the good one in the market. So I decide to design one to use on the table for reading people and notebook user. The lamp has been design with natural wood veneer that can on/off by only touch the wood base. The LED position is in the perfect position for reading
プロデューサーAnurak Suchat
ディレクターAnurak Suchat
デザイナーAnurak Suchat
"Z" LED Table LampのデザインについてI need to combine the encorage people to enjoy the natural material such as wood by design the way people turn it on and off or dim the light. Everytime people want to do that they have to touch the wood and that make them surprice and feel good with the touch sensor that set below the wood.
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