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"Leer" Multi-angle LED Lampの概要This lamp is desinged for let user has choices of the use of their purouse by turn the shape of the lamp in to any position they want. The lamp itself come in sculpture form but surprice function and technology inside such as LED technology and the touch sensor that set under the wood veneer. WHen user touch the wood at switch position, the light on/off but if they hold their hand at the switch position it will be dim switch function.
プロデューサーAnurak Suchat
ディレクターAnurak Suchat
デザイナーAnurak Suchat
"Leer" Multi-angle LED LampのデザインについてThe key of this lamp is how to make the wood ring as shape that we have designed. We start experiment with the wood mold and use 2 mm. veneer to make the ring from the inside of the mold. The result is great and we can make it stronger by put more layer of veneer. After that we use router to make hole inside to line the wire and LED position + switch. The last layer has been cover all the electric part. The result is the 10 mm. thin natural veneer lamp with the state of art of technology inside. The sculpture look can make it diffence from the normal light. In the mass production, we have made the thicker ring and devide it in to 3 pieces that can make 3 rings in one time. This is help us to save cost of the lable and time in production.
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