I am a talking plate.



Glass plate



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I am a talking plate.の概要It is clear glass plate the size is 7 1/2 inches and below the plate have a words for paint (6 mode: love, office, cheer up, children, occasions and sorry). These words are support and makes more spirit to receiver that you have several choices of words that properly in each event that their family member or friend facing. The usage is just choosing a word under the plate to show your feeling and then start to plaint a color the word under the plate. After finish color, just put a candy, snack, fruits or food. When receiver able to see the word, they will able to touch your love between family member, their friend or you and your lover. The color can clean as usually clean a plate and this plate is multi-purpose usage in several events.
I am a talking plate.のデザインについて1. It is able to expressing a surprise thing to your love between your meals. 2. It is able to be representative your feeling to your love. Especially, when you do not have time with him/her but you can prepare a meal to him/her. 3. Cut a cost of paper to write down a note and helps to stop global warming. 4. Advance to make more conversations, more love, accept a mistake, and give more moral with new style.Target groups: 1. A city family does not have much spent time together, having a love problem, disappointed, frustrated. 2. The restaurants who want to make a surprise to customers. I foresee that the society in future is likely to be more negative in any respects. Therefore, the Positive Solution is the means we use in designing, can be involved in creating energy, willpower and good feelings for users in their daily lives. Our design philosophy is “POSITIVE AMBITION”.
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著作権利者:(C)JIDPO GOOD DESIGN AWARD [ G-Mark Library ]