Freeform Seat



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Bua Bhat Factory LTD., Part(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


Freeform Seatの概要Because of truly relaxing is to be closed to nature. Or even bring ourselves into the midst of things of that nature. To sit and relax on the products produced by the principles of Environmental Conservation and is designed in accordance with nature. Thus cause a feeling of calm and balance with nature. With the mind of caring in users most comfortable. it was designed to independent formats for use at various.
プロデューサーThe production team
ディレクターMs. Wilai Paichitkarnjanakul
デザイナーWilai Paichitkarnjanakul
Freeform SeatのデザインについてIn term of adding the value to the recycle materials to became as up-cycle, all items must be made of the selvage edges from the garment factories, this product is real eco-friendly home product. In term of design, the shape developed from sphere shaped seat to make user feels free with the freeform it self. The color must be earth tone as natural, taupe, mocha, tan, charcoal. Our design team had been worked closely to the artisans to transfer the aim and intention that we wanted the product to be as the original art piece in the users home.
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