Pimai series



Granito through body tile



2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


Pimai seriesの概要From Pimai castle and sand stone becomes to a surface covering, kind of granite (through body). It is a special tile which has low absorption and mineral vein throughout body, even long used. Although the surface is eroded, it still keeps its characteristic ever after. Therefore, it is suitable for every places, especially, public area. Feeling like you surrounded by natural sand stone in oriental style.
プロデューサーThai Ceramic Co,Ltd.
ディレクターKwanchanok Mongkolthong
Pimai seriesのデザインについてIn order to correspond to company policy which is one of the world leader tile companies, therefore our research and development section has strong consideration to carry out world class products with in-house technology. As mentioned aim, we have transformed it into product concept which is stone looks homogenous tile in Thai oriental style. We have found that Thai antique castle stone is matched with our product concept, so we visited some stone castles for exploring their characteristic and information of each place. Then we evaluated them for finding out the proper prototype stone as table 1. It was illustrated that the proper stone for new product development is the stone from Pimai castle.
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