Motion series



Glass mosaic tile


Thai Ceramic Co,Ltd. (Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


Motion seriesの概要Motion series is one kind of decorative glass tiles which is different from the others. The strength is the motion pictures which designed on glass tile. By changing your position, you can see the different shots of pictures continuously. It seems alive pictures on your wall and also suitable for any interior decorative area in your place.
プロデューサーThai Ceramic Co,Ltd.
ディレクターKwanchanok Mongkolthong
デザイナーWiriya Wattanayon
Motion seriesのデザインについてIn general, decoration on the wall is always 2D image. To spice up life with something different like the harmony of vision, motion and fashion by making pictures to 3D concept (motion) is our inspiration. We adapted between scientific theory (optical illution) and interior decorative product design to create material which has movement following an angle. You could feel like your wall is playing with you and the motion of pictures on the wall would be stop your typical life.
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著作権利者:(C)JIDPO GOOD DESIGN AWARD [ G-Mark Library ]