Peak Absolute Acrylic Panel



Acrylic Panel Toilet Set



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Peak Absolute Acrylic Panelの概要Its a toilet with concealed tank fitting while the Concealed Tank Fitting is hidden behind the Acrylic Panel. This Panel has a very modern look come together with multi-functional for toilet purpose such as Toilet Bin, Tissue Holder, and Magazine Rack. We can say that with multi-functional it can save your bathroom space and with this design, it can be matched with any bathroom style as It has designed for new generation people.
プロデューサーMogen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
ディレクターMogen Designers Team
デザイナーR&D Mogen Designers
Peak Absolute Acrylic PanelのデザインについてOur concept comes with an idea to create a unique identity to the product, differentiate itself from the others in the market. We do research and development together with our new design concept, changing from the normal toilet to be the new by adding multiple functions to the toilet such as tissue holder, magazine rack, recycle bin. Furthermore, it must look like a decorative items in the toilet room, have a good, clean and comfort looking by using the products. Solving the small dirty area problem around the toilet and make you feel “It’s very easy for cleansing”.
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