I-Mobile TV 550 Touch



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Cerebrum Design Company Limited(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


I-Mobile TV 550 Touchの概要Mobile phone with full-function features.
プロデューサーSamart I-Moblie Public Company Limited
ディレクターMakorn Chaovanich
デザイナーMakorn Chaovanich
I-Mobile TV 550 TouchのデザインについてI-mobile TV 550 Touch is original Thai brand. With TV main function and wide screen so everyone can enjoy using it for their best benefit. Simple, long lasting and easy to use design, we maintain these characteristics as i-mobile brand identity. The target is for mass market for all ages. We created new different choices for customers to select the most suitable for them.Full function at low price is our brand concept.
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オフィシャルサイト http://www.studiocerebrum.com


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