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I-Zecureの概要Designed to solve the problem from metal-bars which are dangerous fatting and striking.Dominant designs combine the innovative material which can provide more stable standing without slipping and high strength structure much support max load for over 200 kg. Modern and universal design for less pieces but can be assembled in many styles and easily, convenient to handle while moving in the bathroom. I-zecure contains the world first technology for safety ? sensing device to call for immediately help, SMS technology and Radio frequency in case of accident.
プロデューサーBathroom Design Co.,Ltd.
ディレクターWacharamonkon Benjathanachat
デザイナーBathroom Design Team
I-ZecureのデザインについてI-Zecure was result of intention to cross over the traditional safety bar in term of design and function, modular conceptwithahigh innovative technology, SMS alert, I-Alarm etc. help preserveaccident less than other bar of same product, though you are confidently when enjoy in the bathroom.
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