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I-tube の概要The world first innovative basin & kitchen faucets in cylindrical shape which can be adjust in all direction freely for all type of users. I-tube kitchen and basin provide easily degree for adjusting and setting.Flexible in fixing with various uses by only adapting tube length and users can control the water flow by push the finger at the rim of water spout for suitable to every kitchens and sinks.
プロデューサーBathroom Design Co.,Ltd.
ディレクターWacharamonkon Benjathanachat
デザイナーBathroom Design Team
I-tube のデザインについてI-tube basin & kitchen faucet are the most innovative design. Its designed to solved the ordinary limitatioin of material and form that fix by the metal, brass and production material. I-tube is easily to adjustable form and direction for all usage.
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