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2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


CURVE (TOSHIBA GR-B183Z)の概要As lifestyle of Bangkok people has been transformed from horizonal residence toward vertical lifestyle, living in a condominium in Bangkok is more preferable than a house. House clean up then become a tedious task and it was too exhausted to commute to work downtown through the heavy traffic jam. This has to be rethought. What used to be situated next to the kitchen sink in the house has been relocated in the multi-purpose space in the condo. Refrigerator has been re-designed not just only be friend with the counter sink in the kitchen but also the book shelf in the living room. With the green mind, CURVE has been designed to reduce the use of the energy both in the manufacturing process and while being use by the user. 30 screws have been reduced by designing the new assembly mechanism. From the user side, the foot operate concept has been introduced to avoid excess energy consumption from leaving the door open while the user has to use both hand for carrying.
プロデューサーKobkarn Wattanavarangkul
ディレクターPornthep Chatpinyakoop
デザイナーMr.Saran Nakpakdi
CURVE (TOSHIBA GR-B183Z)のデザインについてThis project was started when Thailand faced with both internal political conflict and global economic downturn. Thai people spend less. The concentrated user-centered design research has been set up to findout the solution matched with changing demand. The research team can find the solution, even it is not easy. When people earn less, it can be seen that they spend cautiously. Unnecessary expense will be less prioritized. In the high temperature and humid country like Thailand, refridgerator became necessity. To design it fit with the smart consumer, designer has to work harder. Mass production seems to be outdated. Here come the Microtrend. To make the product fitted with both high environmental awarenessand the changing consumer behaviour, neutral design has been proved to be one of the key success factors by let the product easy to blend in to both living environment and personal characteristic.
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