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Recycled fibers from recycled PET bottle の概要Recycled polyester fibers were produced from recycled PET bottles by having two important processes.First, PET bottles were cut into small pieces and melt to be plastic chips.After this process, chips are consistant in size and quality, also impurities were removed.Secondly, the chips were melt spinning to produce fibers.Moisture in the chips has to be reduced to be less than 100 ppm to assure high quality fibers.The fibers were formed by extrusion through spinneret.Afterwards, drawing or strecthing were done onto the fibers to help orientation of molecular structure and increase strength.Then heat treatment was done to finish the fibers as FDY (Fully Draw Yarn).The yarns can be used to blend with other yarns and then can be knitted or woven to fabrics.These fabrics can be used to make suitings, curtains, upholstery or nonwoven.The products are environmentally conscious and can be value added items.
プロデューサーThailand Textile Institute
ディレクターChanchai Sirikasemlert
デザイナーNathee Srisawasde
Recycled fibers from recycled PET bottle のデザインについてPolyester is a non-biodegradable polymer.Popular usage of PET bottles in daily life leads to a lot of waste which is difficult to handle and non-biodegradable.This leads to environmental problems in our society.Our designer team has thought about a concept of recycle PET bottles in Thailand and reprocess them through physically cut into small pieces, dissolve chemically and spin to recycle fibers.The Recycle fibers from recycled PET bottles is an attempt to use know-how and technology to decrease waste, value added to textile products and save our environment.
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