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2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


The Lotus Lifeの概要Inspired by The LOTUS which lies at the heart of the Buddhist teaching. Its roots are in the mud, the stem rising through the water, the beautiful flower emerging above the surface and finally, rising high into the warm sunlight. This symbolises the progress of the soul from the mud through the waters of experience and into the light of enlightenment. Created from floating gemstones on gold&platinum-plated sterling silver stacking rings which allows you to design your very own LOTUS LIFE. Designed under the idea of I.D.O. or Interactive Design Object, a design that the wearer can choose the way it is worn or used. It could be a ring or even cufflinks, the fun is in the interaction with the design.This is the LOTUS LIFE, it’s a beautiful life.
プロデューサーKK Chin
ディレクターKK Chin
デザイナーKK Chin
The Lotus LifeのデザインについてThe aim was to tell an human inspired story. A story of learning, experiencing and living a beautiful life in the ways of the Buddhist teachings. The Lotus became the subject of the design, both from its deep root in Buddhism as well as its beautiful shapes and forms that is unique and timeless. We wanted to also leave room for the wearer to design how he/she wants to wear it, to enjoy it and that it should also spark beauty and imagination, everytime.
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著作権利者:(C)JIDPO GOOD DESIGN AWARD [ G-Mark Library ]